Frankie's Used Auto Parts

Frequently Asked Questions
I need a part, what information will you need? 
    -Cars have become more complicated over the years. When ordering parts we ask you to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) ready in the event we need to reference it to match a part. 
    -For computer control modules we may need a serial number from your old computer
    -For rear differentials we may need your gear ratio and/or vehicle option code (often located on door jam or in glovebox)
    -For transmissions we may need the transmission code, either stamped on the transmission case or on the door jam

What is appropriate clothing?
    -We ask you to wear closed toe shoes. Please keep in mind that in our yard you are entering a high-risk environment. There is moving equipment, broken glass, and sharp exposed metal. Our business is also located in a rural area, so please be aware that there is the possibility of snakes, bees, wasps, and other biting/stinging insects during the warmer months. Dress appropriately. 

What is your warranty?
    - We cannot guarantee electrical components such as window regulators, radios, vehicle computer modules, etc
    - Engines and transmissions carry a 30-day warranty from date of pickup or delivery.

Is there a core charge?
    - Yes. Core charges apply to engines, transmissions, alternators, starters, front and rear differentials. Charges may vary based on application. 

I want to scrap my car... Are you able to pick it up? 
    - Of course! Local vehicles within a 15 mile radius of our business are free. Additional miles to that a fee will be assessed when we issue your check  

What do I need to bring when bringing in scrap metal or a vehicle for scrap?  
    - Please bring with you a valid Driver's License or state issued ID card. When you are bringing in a vehicle, be sure that you have the state issued title that is clean. 

How will I be paid when trading in scrap or a vehicle?
    - For amounts that total $50 and below, we will pay you cash. For amounts that are greater than $50, we will issue you a business check in your name. We apologize  :(